*Language Warning* Maher: ‘I Kind of Get’ Why People Are Worried About Islamification of Europe

Bill Maher declared that he understood why Europeans were concerned about the Islamification of the continent on Friday’s “Real Time” on HBO.

“There was a rally in Germany, and ‘rally in Germany,’ right away, kind of red flag. But it was against the [Islamification] of Europe and I know people here right away they [say] ‘ooh, that sounds racist.’ But, you know, there was a piece ’60 Minutes’ did…about London, London, where you’ve lived [referring to panelist Salman Rushdie], where most of us have traveled, OK there’s a preacher there [Anjem Choudary] who basically says he’d like to take over the town” he said.

The discussion then briefly turned to Islamic radicalism broadly, during which Rushdie said he was a “great admirer” of Margaret Thatcher and referred to Choudary as a “joke.”

Maher then turned the discussion back to the “60 Minutes” piece on London, continuing “they showed a woman in London walking out of her house in a miniskirt and she was in predominantly Muslim neighborhood and all the men were screaming at her ‘cover up, this is a Muslim neighborhood’ and she said ‘this is Great Britain.’…but I kinda get why people [are concerned about Europe’s shifting demographics].”

He also pointed out that “Muslims are oppressed by their own people, that’s a liberal thing, but not if they start going wobbly on this idea ‘you know what, no violence, unless you insult the prophet.'”

Rushdie added “48 hours since these murders and already the kind of ‘but’ brigade is out in force. You know, ‘free speech, but.'”

Panelist Carly Fiorina argued that “maybe, part of the reason the media is so outraged suddenly is because it’s about them,” a point Rushdie agreed with.

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