NC Sheriff: ‘Political Correctness’ On Illegal Immigration Causes ‘Problems’

Rockingham County, NC Sheriff Sam Page (R) said that “political correctness” has caused “a lot of problems,” including on the issue of illegal immigration, on Tuesday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

Page addressed the controversy over terms such as “illegal immigrant” or “illegals,” saying “I’ve always been told that if a person is violating the laws, and it applies to the immigration law, it’s an illegal immigrant, if it applies to it.”

He continued, “I see a lot of it as part of the political correctness that we see. I mean, what’s the next thing we’re going to say? if we go into a local retail store, we’re going to call shoplifting a non-receipted purchase?” And “the problem that we have is…our political correctness has caused a lot of problems in our country, a lot of problems. If we call things what they really are and understand what the issues are, we can better address those issues.”

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