Heilemann: Clintons Loyal to Blumenthal Because he is a Master of the Dark Arts

Tuesday on Bloomberg Network’s “With All Due Respect,” in a segment about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her relationship with Sidney Blumenthal, particularly as reports that the two exchanged emails about business interests in Libya during her tenure at the State Department have surfaced, co-host John Heilemann said the Clintons like Blumenthal because he is “the masters of the dark arts.”

Heilemann said, “Shady would be a kind description of Sidney Blumenthal. But there are two things that are true about the Clintons in this area. One they like people who work in the dark. They like that. And they like loyalty. He has been loyal to her for a long time, and they like the masters of the dark arts. The have an insatiable appetite for that kind of thing. They will never lose Sidney, I don’t think.”

He added that Blumenthal has, “Done so much dirty work for them.”

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