TV Mogul Byron Allen: President Obama ‘White President in Black Face’

This weekend TMZ caught up with Entertainment Studios CEO Byron Allen, who criticized President Barack Obama for his administrations policies and attitude towards “black America,” calling him “a white president in black face.”

Allen said “I’m disappointed that President Obama called those young men out there in Baltimore thugs. I’m not condoning violence, but I don’t think we should call them thugs because we’ve positioned them to fail, and the system has failed them. I say to President Obama, ‘You have to remember who you are. Don’t forget who you are. Don’t forget who you are.’”

He continued, “I have grave concerns about President Obama. Its factual, check the numbers. Black people have fallen further behind under President Obama. We’re being murdered in the streets, we’re being murdered in the courtroom, we’re being murdered in the boardroom. You’ve caught the biggest corporations using the n word. You have to stand up at some point.”

“It’s OK to be the president of the United States and also be a black man. It’s human, and guess what people will respect you more if you stop acting like your not. President Obama is, at this point, a white president in black face. Black America would have done much better with a white president. Look at the numbers President Obama You have let us down tremendously. You have let us down,’ he concluded.

Allen’s company Entertainment Studios produces television programing including the popular shows, Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen, Justice for All with Judge Cristina Pérez, America’s Court with Judge Ross and We the People With Gloria Allred.

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