Dem Rep: Trump’s ‘Idiotic’ Mexico Comments Those of a ‘Loud-Mouth Jerk’

Monday on Boston Herald Radio’s “Morning Meeting,” Rep. Michael Capuano (D-MA) said Republican presidential candidate and billionaire business mogul Donald Trump’s controversial comments on many Mexican immigrants being drug-dealers and “rapists” during his campaign announcement last month, is the same sort of rhetoric you hear at the end of a bar from a “loud-mouth jerk.”

Capuano said, “I know plenty of people like that, and at any local bar, you can find some loud-mouth jerk at the end of the bar who’s willing to say such stupid, idiotic things. The fact that he’s running for president—I actually think if I was a Republican running for president, I’d be embarrassed that he was in the field—and being taken seriously by some people.”

Calling Trump a “celebrity” who says “crazy, stupid things” Capuano added, “For him to double down and say, ‘I meant it’—fine, you meant it, but now you go down as an official jerk in my book.”

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