CNN’s Zeleny: It Took ‘Eight Hours of Trying’ for Clinton Camp To Give Answer on Subpoena

CNN Senior Washington Correspondent Jeff Zeleny reported that it took “eight hours of trying” to get a clarification from the Clinton campaign regarding whether she had been subpoenaed on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Lead.”

Zeleny said that “on the face of it” Clinton’s claim that she hadn’t been subpoenaed wasn’t true. Zeleny, during his taped report, pointed to the subpoena sent to Clinton on March 4th by Benghazi Select Committee Chairman Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC).

Anchor Jake Tapper, after the full taped report aired, wondered, “I’m trying to figure out what they’re arguing. They’re arguing that she wasn’t subpoenaed when the server was wiped clean? But she said, ‘I’ve never had a subpoena,’ which is a lot more –” Zeleny answered, “She may have answered it slightly imprecisely, one aide finally told us today after eight hours of trying.”

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