CNN’s Tapper: NH GOP Primary ‘A Great Night’ For Trump, ‘Horrible Night’ for GOP Establishment

CNN anchor Jake Tapper said that the New Hampshire primary was “a horrible night” for the establishment in both parties and a great night for the winning candidates after GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) were declared the winners of their party’s primaries during CNN’s coverage of the primary on Tuesday.

Tapper said, “What a stunning, stunning moment, Wolf. And, again, I say, two years ago, if somebody had told you that Bernie sanders, an independent, Democratic Socialist from Vermont and Donald Trump, a businessman and developer from New York City, were going to win the Democratic and Republican New Hampshire primaries, you would have you would have said I was crazy.”

He added, “It’s astounding. It is a great night for Donald trump. A great night for Bernie Sanders, a great night for their supporters. A horrible night for the Democratic establishment, and a horrible night for the Republican establishment as CNN projects that Donald Trump will be the winner of the New Hampshire Republican primary, and Bernie Sanders, the senator from Vermont, will be the winner of the New Hampshire Democratic primary.”

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