WATCH: Hamas Emulates Islamic State Executions in New Propaganda Videos

TEL AVIV – A new propaganda video showing terrorists simulating Islamic State-style executions of Israeli soldiers is one of the latest in a series of Hamas-produced videos showcasing terrorist skills and demonstrations.

The clip shows three masked Hamas terrorists in camouflage carrying out synchronized throat-slittings of three IDF soldiers in front of a cheering crowd.

MEMRI gathered a series of clips shown on Gaza TV, including “how-to” clips for would-be terrorists to carry out suicide bombings, beheadings, and stabbings.

One of the clips shows a rally in the Gaza town of Rafah in which the murder of Eitam and Dalia Henkin is reenacted. The narrator hails the terrorists responsible for the murder as “heroes” and heaps further praise on them for executing the couple in front of their young children, while leaving the children themselves unharmed.

Israeli investigators said the terrorists would likely have continued their massacre had the parents not put up a struggle, which caused one of the gunmen to accidentally shoot his accomplice in the hand, prompting both attackers to flee the scene, Arutz 7 reported.

In another scene, actors dressed as Israeli civilians and soldiers board a bus, followed by a suicide bomber. The bus then explodes, apparently killing all those on board.

Hamas recently aired a music video encouraging terrorists to resume suicide bombings in Israeli cities. The video featured Jewish flesh being “roasted” and the smoking remains of a bombed Egged bus.