Errol Louis On Hillary’s High Unfavorables: ‘A Lot of This Is Sexism’

Monday on CNN’s “New Day,” Errol Louis, the host of Inside City Hall on NY1, said Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has high unfavorability numbers due to sexism.

Partial transcript as follows:

CUOMO : Clinton is down 20 points from where people say she should be as the unfavorable opinion. Okay? The unfavorable opinion, when they look at Democrats, opinion of them, 56% negative Democrat registered voters on her — Sanders, 37%. That’s really where you want to be. Nobody’s really ever above anything close to 40% in these kinds of things. What does that mean here and moving forward?

LOUIS: I think it means she has something she has to overcome. Let me suggest, because some of her strategists have said this kind of quietly — it’s not really a big thing on the campaign trail — is that a lot of this is sexism. It’s buried so deep people say, I don’t trust her. She doesn’t keep her word. And then you turn around, say — what politician does? The governor of New York, of you know of course, is an exception. right? But politicians all the time, they change their opinions, they move here, move there. With Hillary Clinton though it seems to be something completely unacceptable. Everybody raises money from all kinds of sources. She is the one they throw dollar bills at.

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