Sessions: Trump List of Judges ‘Fabulous,’ ‘We Want Judges Who Follow the Constitution’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), a supporter of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, expressed his approval of Trump’s list of potential appointees to the vacancy on the Supreme Court.

Sessions also pointed to Trump’s outreach to experts on foreign policy and the economy as things that are positive.

“I would think this is exactly where I’ve expected him to go and where he’s now going,” Sessions said. “This list of judges is fabulous. I think all of those who like myself believe that the judges should interpret the Constitution and follow the Constitution and serve under the Constitution are going to like this list of highly competent scholars and judges. And Henry Kissinger, of course, just a fabulous thinker on anybody dealing with foreign policy needs to enjoy the insights of Henry Kissinger. His book ‘World Order’ recently just a fabulous sweep of history of the United States and the world. And you hear the people like [Larry] Kudlow and Stephen Moore, those are terrific economists, well known within conservative pro-growth circles and I think that will be well received — I just, knowing that they’re part of the team also.”

Sessions went on to note that the aim of Trump’s appointees shouldn’t be to advance a “conservative agenda,” but instead to follow the Constitution.

“[M]ost legal scholars – the people that would like this list, they’re looking for people not to advance a conservative agenda, Neil,” he continued. “That’s not what we want. We want judges who follow the Constitution because when you have these activist judges that redefine the meaning of words to execute a political agenda that the American people don’t favor and want passed, then you have a threat to the legal heritage that we’ve been so blessed to have. So I think the question really would be on this judge from Texas, is he committed as that? Is he a good scholar? Does he have integrity? Can he meet the high standards that we would like to see of a Supreme Court justice?”

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