Brooks: America and Humanity ‘Lost’ In Commander-in-Chief Forum, ‘A Little Piece of My Soul Died’

On Friday’s broadcast of “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks stated that during Wednesday’s Commander-in-Chief forum both candidates lost, “America lost. Humanity lost. A little piece of my soul died.”

Brooks said of the forum, “I thought they both lost. I thought America lost. Humanity lost. A little piece of my soul died. I thought they both did poorly. I thought she was evasive and cross, and looked like she was imperious and was angry to be challenged. She had plenty of information, but not a lot of relatability, and not a lot of humanity, and not a lot of vision for foreign policy.  He, if anything, was a little worse. He is — and as he has wont to do, said about six ridiculous things. The admiration for Putin is of long standing. But to me, the thing that really made me think was his claim that in Iraq we should have left a core of people to take the oil. Now, that is — first of all, it’s impractical, but it’s also moral idiocy. I mean, maybe you’re selfish and you think, oh, I got some oil and I got some guns, I should take it. But if you go through any realm of education, which is what we try to do with people, you learn that that’s called imperialism, that’s called plunder. It’s morally wrong. It ruins your credibility. The idea that a big country is going to go out and send troops into some country to take their resources, and then the rest of the world is going to somehow trust us, is just a ridiculous notion. And so, he says things that are just plainly ridiculous. But — so, that’s why was so depressed.”

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