Roseanne Barr Denied Spot on Green Party Ticket

Roseanne Barr's dreams of becoming president are over for now - unless she inspires one heck of a write-in campaign.

The far-far left sitcom star has been trying to win her way onto the Green Party ticket, but she ended up failing to make it even as the party's vice presidential hopeful.

Long-shot Green Party candidate Jill Stein has chosen her running mate: Cheri Honkala, who, Stein said, is “the nation’s leading anti-poverty advocate....”

Roseanne Barr, a Green Party candidate who lost the nomination to Stein, was considered as a running mate but didn’t make the cut.

The news probably won't silence Barr, particularly in social media. Her Twitter feed is updated constantly. Just consider this Tweet as an example of what the Green Party lineup will be missing out on come fall:

Roseanne Barr


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