ABC's Reckless Zimmerman Video 'Exclusive' Reveals Nothing

ABC is hyping a grainy police surveillance video in an outrageous and reckless attempt to suggest that police and Zimmerman may be lying as regards events on the night Trayvon Martin was shot and killed.

It is an egregious abuse of the network's influence and quest for attention from non-news, as death threats and demands for retaliation spread. Are we to believe that a widely distributed mugshot of Zimmerman suddenly doesn't exist just so ABC can tout an alleged video scoop?

Trayvon Martin Video Shows No Blood or Bruises on George Zimmerman

It's ridiculous to believe that the low quality video reveals anything we didn't already know about events that night. Compare the mugshot to the weak video and judge for yourself. 

According to reports, Zimmerman was attended to at the scene of the incident by paramedics. An investigation began, and there was no rush to take Zimmerman to a hospital, or simply to remove him before he was cleaned up somehow.

Already, the Martin family is saying this new video somehow reveals something we didn't know. True, there appears to be no blood on Zimmerman's shirt in the new video. He is pictured in a gray T-shirt. Yet in ABC's own report from March 13 on the fateful events of Feb. 26, ABC claimed Zimmerman was wearing a red "sweatshirt." While Zimmerman is wearing a red and black jacket in this new video, we have no idea if he may have taken off a sweatshirt at the scene.

If it was that jacket and not a sweatshirt Zimmerman was wearing at the time, again, the grainy quality of the video makes it impossible to determine if there was blood on it to some extent. All ABC has done here is overreach for a so-called scoop in a tragic story about which we don't yet know all the details. 

The new video sheds no real new light on what happened. It only agitates emotions surrounding the case while they are more than agitated enough already. ABC should be ashamed of its reckless highlighting of a non-story for the benefit of their network and no one else.


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