WaPo's Glenn Kessler Has Fact-Checking Tantrum Over 'You Didn't Build That'

Glenn Kessler is The Washington Post's laughably biased fact checker, and when you think of Kessler, remember this -- remember the "fact" checker who called Romney a liar for saying a president who didn’t go to Israel didn't go to Israel.

This guy is utterly shameless, and this morning he's having a full-blown tantrum.

Back in July, Kessler did everything in his power to protect Obama from his unbelievably revealing "you didn't build that" moment. At the time, Kessler awarded Romney three of his childish Pinocchios for the unpardonable sin of, you know, holding the president accountable for his words. Here's my take on why Kessler was wrong then and why he wasn't fact checking but disguising his misguided left-wing opinion as fact.

This morning, however, Kessler returns to this tired old debate, and now you can practically hear him stamp his feet while whining with impotent rage:

Somebody listen to me!

Oh, yes -- this morning Kessler hauled out the big guns; this morning Kessler awarded the RNC convention's use of "you didn’t build that" with --Bum-Bum-Bummm -- FOUR Pinocchios!

Well, gasp and egads.

What the feckless Kessler needs to come to terms with is that the era of his or any biased, Obama-shilling fact checker having any impact on anything is long over.

When you start disguising your left-wing opinions as fact and calling people liars for stating a president who didn't go to Israel didn't go to Israel -- no one's going to take you seriously anymore.

And this morning's crybabying isn't doing Kessler's credibility a whole helluva lot of good either.

Rage, little fact-checker, rage.


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