Too Much Information: Al Roker Regales Us With Potty Mishaps

We are all for a little self-help info, right? I mean, who doesn't like some dieting tips, for instance? Well, it's NBC's Al Roker to the rescue... only by talking about his dieting-related bathroom mishaps, he may have given us just a bit too much information.

In fact, Roker's discussion on Dateline of how he had trouble controlling his bowels after his weight-loss surgery was made even more bizarre when he noted that he once had an "incident" when he was visiting the White House.

Roker initially touted his TV segment about his weight loss on Twitter, but it wasn't long into his show before the folks became grossed out by Roker's honesty.

Maybe not everyone is creeped out over Roker's airing of his, um, dirty laundry, but the folks on Twitter certainly were.

Apparently Roker thought being so forthcoming was his doodie, but not everyone agreed.

Just a little too up close and personal, isn't it, Al?


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