In Memoriam--Tribute to Andrew Breitbart: I Can't Stand to Say Goodbye (Original Song)

I see Andrew every day. When I fire up my buddy list there is Bodiaz bringing his dose of happy-sad. Thanks, someone, for not turning his computer off.

On the one-year anniversary of his death, many folks will speak of Andrew’s loss to the cause. Go ahead and cube that vacuum a few times. It’s true, in some measure he lives on in all of us. When I was out campaigning for Romney last year, all my tough decisions were decided by a simple What Would Andrew Do?

But for me, and many, it’s not about politics or movements. I’m still mourning the small “b” Breitbart. I miss my friend terribly. I loved the guy.

A few days after Andrew’s funeral last year I wrote a song.  It was never meant for public consumption. With his wife’s Susie’s permission, here’s the demo/lyric. 

I Can’t Stand to Say Goodbye



Unfinished Song

All was there

All is lost


No Silver Linings

No God’s will

No Sense or Reason

Our heart is still


All that remains is moving on



Robbed us all


I can’t stand to say goodbye

Oh No…



Not enough

In the Home of the Brave

You were the best of the lot

There’s no replacing

This hole won’t fill

Death is cold and it’s cruel

Real and unreal


All that remains is to carry on

With Tears and Riddles

We’ll never solve


I can’t stand to say goodbye

I can’t stand to say goodbye

Oh No…


Here at the bridge we will never cross

Here at the bridge…Lost


I can’t stand to say goodbye

I can’t stand to say goodbye

I can’t stand to say goodbye


Oh No…


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