Tax Payer Funded Hate: Bill Moyers Trashes America

The Public Broadcasting System is funded by your tax dollars.  One of its stars, former Johnson Administration official Bill Moyers collects those tax dollars every week in his paycheck.  This week, he said this about America:  

Moyers “So it shouldn’t surprise us to learn that the United States collects less in taxes as a share of its economy than all but two other industrialized countries. Our political class in Washington is attempting to fix the debt by sequestration – Washington doublespeak for bleeding services for veterans and the elderly, the sick and poor, for kids in Head Start.”

“Marching in lockstep beneath a banner that now stands for ‘Guardians of Privilege’ — GOP — Republicans refuse to raise revenues, while Democrats have a president whose new budget contains gimmicks that could lead to cuts in Social Security, Social Security! The one universal safety net — and a modest one at that – and yet the main source of purchasing power for millions of aging Americans. This, from a Democrat – the heir of Franklin Delano Roosevelt who pulled us to our feet when the Great Depression had America on its knees.”

“A petty, narcissistic, pridefully ignorant politics has come to dominate and paralyze our government, while millions of people keep falling through the gaping hole that has turned us into the United States of Inequality.”

When Mitt Romney allowed the discussion over funding PBS to be boiled down to a debate over Big Bird.  He should have focused on Moyers

Watch the entire segment here: 



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