Only 15% of White Americans Back Ferguson Protests

The New York Times reported on a new poll Thursday that shows a division between white and black America over the protests in racial turmoil in Ferguson, Missouri. What the Times didn't report on was the specifics of just how wide that gulf is. Only 15% of white Americans believe the protests have been "about right," compared to 38% of black Americans.

The total of black Americans who believe the protests have been just right or have not gone far enough is 49%. With white Americans, those two categories adds up to only 19%.

A full 67% of white Americans believe the protests have gone too far; 43% of black Americans say the same.  

The Times did report that "most whites [are] reserving judgment on whether the fatal shooting of the teenager, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Mo., was justified. Most blacks say it was not."

Of all the terrible things to be racially divided on, waiting for the facts before demanding a scalp is the most disheartening.

When you're calling for a prosecutor to step down with an unblemished 20-plus-year record just because he's white, you have forgotten what "civil rights" means. 

You've become the mob. 


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