EXCLUSIVE--Rep. Steve Stockman Responds To Dwayne Stovall's Complaints

Rep. Steve Stockman spoke exclusively with me for Breitbart Texas in response to fellow primary contestant Dwayne Stovall having filed two federal complaints against him. Both Texans are challenging Senator John Cornyn in the primary. There are eight candidates on the ballot.

Rep. Stockman's statement follows:

I am honestly confused as to why Dwayne Stovall is not focusing on Senator John Cornyn. I am baffled at this.

It is a rather odd campaign Stovall is running. I have never attacked him, but he is obviously attacking me. I do not know what he filed.

I have always avoiding criticizing him, and I even tell people on my website to vote for him if they can’t vote for me for some reason.

I believe in “ABC”—Anybody But Cornyn. If Dwayne gets in a run off, I will endorse him and work hard for his election.

“ABC” matters because Cornyn has a history of working behind the scene against the conservative agenda. I truly, from my heart, wish all of us on the conservative side would focus on Sen. Cornyn and having another senator from Texas who is a true conservative. 

Sen. Cornyn enjoys a wide lead in all scientific polls taken to date.

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