UPDATE: Texas GOP Won't Pass the Marijuana

UPDATE: This morning the Texas GOP voted to reject the study of marijuana and its effectiveness from the official party platform.  

Specifically, the Platform Committee moved to strike the last sentence from the plank "Healthcare and Nutritional Supplements" that had said, "We urge the Texas Legislature to allow, encourage, and facilitate the study at our Texas medical schools the safety and efficacy of medical cannibus." 

Prior to striking the encouragement to study marijuana from the GOP platform, the committee first rejected another plank that would have supported Texas residents having access to medical marijuana:

FORT WORTH, Texas—A scaled back medical marijuana plank in the 2014 Republican Party of Texas Platform moves forward to a final vote for adoption by the full body of the Convention’s delegates. Committee Members of the Permanent Platform Committee removed the portion of the plank passed by Temporary Platform Committee earlier in the week that read, “We believe that Texans should have legal access to cannabis as a controlled narcotic prescribed by a physician.”

That text was replaced by the Permanent Committee with new language that reads, “We urge the Texas Legislature to allow, encourage, and facilitate the study at our Texas medical schools the safety and efficacy of medical cannabis.”

Zoe Russell, Assistant Executive Director for RAMP (Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition) responded to the step backwards in an interview with Breitbart Texas. “It was a close vote yesterday,” Russell said. “We definitely were concerned about how the Platform Committee would shape up tonight with the permanent votes. I think that the opposition was able to whip a lot of votes to turn this around.”

“We’ve got to go back and consider where we go from here on Saturday morning in the General Session,” Russell continued.

Russell said she was not surprised when the committee changed course. “I’m glad that Danny Pelton had a ready response.”

“I don’t see what is so scary about research of a medicine,” Russell concluded. “I was actually kind of shocked that two physicians would argue, in a limited government party, for the federal government to limit their treatment options to their patients.”

Looking forward, Russell said, “The response we have gotten from a lot of people has been very positive. It makes us feel good about going into the 2015 Legislative Session and showing legislators that this is not about college kids and stoners, this is about patients and medicine.”

The supporters were able to put together enough signatures of committee members to put the wording approved by the Temporary Platform Committee into a “minority report”. By accomplishing this, they will be able to present their report from the stage of the general assembly on Saturday for consideration by the entire body of the convention.

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