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How a Jewish Joke Explains Israel's Election Results

As we all sit down to figure out the elections in Israel, one has to remember the old Jewish joke about the guy who is stranded on a desert island. After years alone, he is finally rescued, and he takes his rescuers on a tour of his patch of land. They pass two huts, and the rescuers ask the Jew what they are. He tells them one is the synagogue he used to go to, and the second is the one he now goes to! That is what happened in this election. Jan 23, 2013 8:20 AM PT

Ahead of Israel Elections, Left Tries to Spin Netanyahu Victory

When a Netanyahu victory seemed a forgone conclusion, the election received almost no coverage. However, when polls showed diminishing support for Neatanyahu's' Likud Party, the left-wing media began focusing some attention on the election. They are hoping some negative press might undermine what looks like an election that will show the world that the Israeli public is supportive of Netanyahu's tough stance against Hamas, Iran, and the weak international response to Iran going nuclear. Jan 21, 2013 9:58 AM PT


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