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NRCC Looking for ‘Do-overs’ in CA Districts it Ignored in 2014

While Republicans performed well in the 2014 elections, bolstering their numbers in the House of Representatives to a modern-era high of 247 seats, they had a dismal performance in California. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) came up short in the few California seats where it committed significant resources, while in a host of other seats where it didn’t spend a dime, the GOP candidate narrowly lost.

Walker’s Lead in California: Why It Might Matter

As Breitbart California reported this morning, a new survey of 600 likely California 2016 Republican primary voters shows that when presented with a lengthy list of potential GOP presidential contenders, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker comes out on top with a healthy
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‘Surf City’ First in Nation to Repeal Plastic Bag Ban

On Tuesday night, on an overwhelming 6-1 vote, the city council of Huntington Beach, California--which is officially known as "Surf City, USA"--directed the city staff to begin the process of repealing a policy that bans the use of plastic grocery bags, and requires grocery stores to charge a ten-cent fee on paper bags.

A GOP Replacement For Boxer: California Dreamin’

When we start to see Republicans putting their hands up to run who we think couldn't win if the state were competitive, you needed a reminder: the bar is a lot lower. Perhaps we are looking for someone who will stand tall for GOP principles? Someone that can make the runoff so the California GOP doesn't suffer the humiliation of having no nominee at all? Or making sure that our nominee isn't some "Birther" type?

Senator Boxer To Retire: Replacement Donnybrook To Begin

It has been said the wait for Boxer or her colleague, Senator Dianne Feinstein, to retire has been like driving around a full parking lot waiting for a spot to open up. Well, with the news that one of those spots (at least) is going to be open, a lot of aspiring United States Senators will be jockeying to get into the position. Boxer’s early announcement means there will be plenty of time for anyone thinking about running to assess his or her chances and jump into the fray.
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Statewide Plastic Bag Ban Opponents Turn In Over 800k Signatures

Last September, we reported that the American Progressive Bag Alliance, which represents the plastic bag manufacturing industry, was launching a signature-gathering effort to attempt to stop the implementation of SB 270, legislation signed by Governor Brown, that would ban single-use plastic bags at grocery stores, and also require grocers to charge a ten-cent fee on every paper bag used, with proceeds going to the grocers.

Top 25 Conservative Voices in California

While California has become a bastion of liberalism, the Golden State is not without conservative voices.  It was actually a project to narrow this list to 25 people – my apologies to many who would have made the top 50.

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