The Democrat Strategy for 2010: Bye Bye, Bayh

Senator Evan Bayh’s decision not to seek re-election this November makes him just the latest among numerous Democrats who announced they are quitting. They have looked at the Obamacare debacle, the crippling debt, the millions of lost jobs, and the looming national security disaster heralded by the increase in jihad terror attacks on American soil, and they’re getting out. They know that Americans are waking up to how the big government policies of the Democrats are continuing to hurt our economy, and are ruinous for America.


Swindling Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) will not seek re-election; the drug-addled Congressman Patrick Kennedy will not be seeking re-election in Rhode Island; Arkansas Congressman Marion Berry and Senator Byron Dorgan are leaving. Then there’s Michigan Democratic Lt. Governor John Cherry’s decision to end his floundering bid for governor. Colorado Governor Bill Ritter is also retiring. Not to mention the stunning late December party switch by freshman Alabama Representative Parker Griffith — just to mention a few.

And in Bayh’s whiny withdrawal speech, he made sure to take parting shots at the Republicans under the guise of the well-worn canard of their “lack of bipartisanship.” As if the Democrats worked with Bush.

The Party of No? Hardly. It’s the Save-America party, it’s the Say No to Communism party. Bayh didn’t speak of the irreparable damage the Democrats are doing to this country. He whimpered that only the Republicans said no to a jobs bill (although the government doesn’t create jobs, the private sector does) and that the Republicans wouldn’t sign off on another bloated, useless, cost-prohibitive commission to investigate bloated, useless, cost-prohibitive government spending. Funny how even a Democrat who is thought of as honorable and measured showed no honor in his parting remarks. He went out like an ankle-biting Democrat, pathetic and small.

Many capitalists, freedom lovers and individualists are gleeful about all of the early retirements of statists and crooks in the Democrat party. Rats bolt a sinking ship. They believe this indicates victory. It does not. While Republicans are rubbing their hands in glee at the sheer number of Democrat incumbents not running for re-election, I am not.

It is often said if the Democrats are the vicious party, the Republicans are the stupid party. What the Republicans lack in malevolence, they try to make up for with earnestness. But make no mistake: the Democrats never back down, never give up, never give in. They don’t. They are pit bulls. And while the Democrats are devoid of good ideas and good governance, they excel in abhorrent and detestable tactics in winning. They work by stealth.

And in this case, the retirements don’t indicate defeat. They indicate a new Democrat strategy. The retirements are part of a plan: everyone under the bus for the good of the party and the socialist state it is constructing. The Democrat strategy for 2010 is to make the failure of Barack Obama and the Pelosi/Reid Congress all about the incumbents, not the party itself. They are going to make the failure of this Administration about the candidates, not the party, when in fact it is party, party, party. Take the rancid Dodd, for example. He will be replaced with an attractive statist who does not have the ugly history of Dodd’s graft, corruption and racketeering, but who shares Dodd’s collectivist bent.

I expect the Democrats to pull their moderate ruse again by throwing up bunches of blue dogs to con the people. Then they will continue to ramrod the American people with their collectivist, statist agenda. They will run new faces without records that are soiled by the horrendous anti-American, anti-business, anti-national security, anti-individual, anti-small government, anti-tax cut record of the Democrats — and they will sucker the American people, yet again.

Protect the brand. It is a very smart strategy. And let’s be honest: the Democrats are brilliant at strategizing, and at trafficking in smear and deception. They can take down anyone, destroy anything, even (as we are now seeing) deconstruct a country and a constitution. What they can’t do is govern. Their skill is to destroy, to mooch, to loot. This is their anthem: altruism and slavery for the common good.

In reality, the blame for the fix we’re in falls squarely on the shoulders of the Democrat party. The Democrats are socialists, and the party platform has moved so far to the left that it is now virtually anti-capitalism and anti-individual. And that is what America has responded to viscerally to this past year. Tea parties, town halls, election after election — America is responding to President L-Dopa (which I call him because, like that drug that awakens catatonics, he is now awakening American patriots from their slumber).

Obama is merely the repulsive face of the party, but it is not just him, it’s all of them. It’s the party. It’s the ideology, not particular candidates.

What is really tragic is the right’s inability to capture this moment, ripe as it is. Instead of seizing the moment in the war of ideas and grasping the mantle of America’s unabashed exceptionalism, defending constitutional principles and remaining steadfast and true, the right keeps moving to…the left.

See the new face, same as the old face. See the new left, same as the old left.


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