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It Is Time For a New Tax Revolt


We will never control our government until we control the federal tax system.

It is corrupted and unfair and feeds unchecked government growth. It has made the federal government far more powerful than what was supposed to be its equal–our state governments. The income tax hides the cost of the government from plain sight and provides endless amounts of our money for the advancement of politician’s personal ambitions. It is very good for those in Washington and very destructive for the rest of us.


We’re being treated as if our only value as citizens is how much more money we can be made to give up from our paychecks. When it comes to more and more spending and more and more taxes, it is a one-way conversation. I’m ready to talk back and I don’t think I’m alone. That’s why I’m calling on every patriot to join me in a tax revolt march on Washington , D.C.

I’m leading a Tea Party Patriot team in a growing on-line tax revolt which arrives in Washington , D.C. on April 15th to merge with the huge physical rallies that are already planned for that day. It’s a new technology that allows people to choose a graphic “avatar” to digitally march on-line to Washington with hundreds of thousands of other Americans. Even the homebound, recovering veterans and the elderly can add their voice to this new American chorus.

I’m seeing a lot of people remembering that politicians are supposed to follow the will of the people–not trample it. Like Boston Harbor , this is where we again make our stand.

First you choose an avatar at: Then you choose a team. Michael Reagan has a team, Neal Boortz has a team, Ken Hoagland of has a team and I have a team, among a growing number of others. Every day after you join the march, you can check your progress toward Washington , D.C. on a Google Earth map of the United States . You can see other marchers from your hometown, read blogs from the leaders and count the growing number of citizens willing to make a stand.

The on-line tax revolt is open to all whether they favor the Flat Tax, the FairTax or the kind of simplification that President Reagan promoted and achieved. What this march is really about is shifting public policy back to favor the public instead of the political elite. Right now, the on-line revolt has 100,000 marchers and is growing by 1,000 people per hour. It’s wake up call to those in the halls of power.

This nation began in a tax protest against the rule of royalty, indifference to what were once loyal citizens of the crown and the arrogance of power. A brand new form of government began here that held that government power could only be granted with the consent of the governed. Well guess what? The aristocrats are back, the arrogance of power is back and even taxation without representation is back as our government pledges the earnings of future, unborn, generations of American citizens to secure mind-numbing levels of national debt today. It will ruin the country if we don’t stop it.

This is not the government we learned about in our civics class and not the liberty for which our forefathers shed blood. It’s time for the next great American tax revolt and I hope you join me.

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