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With only days to go before election day, we all know the lame duck session of the 111th Congress is chock full of surprises that will be the last hurrah for the Democrat/progressives/socialists, and even some RINOs, that have no problem ramming unpopular legislation down the American people’s throats. On November 2, voters will have the opportunity more powerful than telephone calls, emails, or Tweets–but the power to oust the Democrats and crush their last-hope lame duck dreams.

Yes, all of this insanity could come to an end on on November 2 and the final coffin nails hammered on November 15 with the immediate swearing in of the winners of the three special elections Illinois, West Virginia, and Delaware. As outlined over at Human Events, voters need to understand the importance of these three races:

Voters November 2 will elect three senators to serve the remainder of the terms of the late Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia, of President Obama’s former Senate term in Illinois and Vice President Biden’s former Senate term in Delaware. The winners of those special elections on November 2 will be immediately sworn in and can vote in the lame-duck session.

If conservative-leaning senators win one or more of those seats, it will be difficult for the Senate to railroad through action on a bloated Omnibus spending bill, cap-and-tax legislation to address so-called Climate Change and the New START Treaty that will handcuff important national security efforts to deploy a vibrant missile-defense network in Europe.

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