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Top Union Official Caught on Tape Discussing Voter Fraud


In Project Veritas’s latest video, Wayne Dibofsky, the associate director of the New Jersey Education Association, candidly tells a story about voter fraud in NJ. We did our due diligence to see if the story is tied to poll results. But unfortunately the Hudson County Clerk’s office’s division of elections only keeps records going back five years, the Daily Caller has reported. So the video is circumstantial evidence against a growing suspicion that many states’ voting fraud is institutionalized and rampant.

[youtube 2NuLVvVb4oc nolink]

Could it be possible in the state of New Jersey that the Teachers Union is in on the voting fix? We’ll leave that up to the faithful viewer to decide.

These days, Americans know that in the backrooms people are taking advantage of their power. And they are fed up with it. We are sunlight. All we’re going to do is continue to expose the truth, and then it’s up to democracy to decide the verdict. We put our faith in the American people — when they know the facts.

Our latest project is another example of what we do, something many mainstream reporters may never understand. We get people on camera telling truths that they would never admit to the public or self-identified reporters. And when that public is directly affected and, in many cases, paying for it — as is the case with the New Jersey Teachers Union, and previously with ACORN — it is necessary to expose abuse, and to do so it is often necessary to go undercover. Especially now, when the mainstream media has repeatedly shown its willingness to cover up for unaccountable radical organizations and public institutions that live off the taxpayer’s dime.

The New Jersey Teachers Union project featured an army of new citizen journalist converts to the cause of shining a light on public corruption using new media and good, old-fashioned creativity. The desire to destroy us with the help of the media that we mock is understandable. While we were busy searching for election records in New Jersey, CNN was taking pictures of my sailboat.

Project Veritas is a movement. An army of people in states around the country. They can’t stop us all. And we plan to move ahead whether George Soros, Vivian Schiller, Eric Boehlert, the decaying mainstream media, and a whole host of corruption apologists say we can or not.

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