New Jersey Town Bans Smoking on All Public Property

New Jersey Town Bans Smoking on All Public Property

The council of Cherry Hill, New Jersey on Monday passed an ordinance that will ban smoking in any area owned by the township.

According to the local CBS affiliate, violators will be fined up to $150 for the first offense; $300 for a second offense; and $500 for each subsequent violation. The law goes into effect in mid-December, and full enforcement will begin in January after a “30-day public educational period.”

The ordinance makes it “illegal to smoke on any public property, including Town Hall, the Cherry Hill Public Library, the Department of Public Works, on Township-owned trails and at any of Cherry Hill’s 52 public parks and playgrounds.”

Cherry Hill Mayor Chuck Chan said the ordinance is “about protecting our children, giving our residents the right to enjoy our outdoor facilities and public spaces without putting their health at risk and keeping our landscape clean.”