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UPDATED: PETA Responds to Christie Killing Spider in Fourth Grade Class

UPDATED: PETA Responds to Christie Killing Spider in Fourth Grade Class


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (D-NJ) is in hot water with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals after he had the bad taste to squash a spider during a class with fourth-graders. The video of the swatting was posted on YouTube under the caption, “Governor Christie Saves School Children From Spider.” He says, “Any bugs on your desk you’re allowed to kill them and not get in trouble.”

PETA president Ingrid Newkirk said “He probably did it without thinking … Some people put the spider outside, but spiders are often scary to people, and that can prevent them from pondering their worth.”

At least PETA is consistent in its criticism. Back in 2009, after President Obama killed a fly during an interview, PETA called it an “execution,” and added, “In a nutshell, our position is this: He isn’t the Buddha, he’s a human being, and human beings have a long way to go before they think before they act.”

CORRECTION: Contrary to our original reportage, it is inaccurate to say that PETA “blast”ed Christie or that he was “in hot water” with the group. The statement from PETA does not indicate anger, and it was made after several news outlets contacted the group for comment. Breitbart News has corrected its headline and sincerely regrets the error.

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