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New York Daily News May Be for Sale

The New York Daily News may be up for sale. Mort Zuckerman, the owner and publisher of the New York City tabloid newspaper, sent a memo to employees on Thursday that said he was approached about a potential sale a few weeks ago. The memo was sent to The Associated Press.
AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Michelle Obama Takes Credit for Food ‘Culture Change’

Michelle Obama said Thursday that the U.S. has undergone a "culture change" in the five years since she started raising awareness about childhood obesity, but as she celebrated achievements on multiple fronts the first lady also warned that the progress is "incredibly fragile."

What You Need to Know About the Iran Nuclear Talks

Last week in Geneva, U.S. and Iranian officials kicked off another round of talks in an attempt to resolve the long conflict over Iran's nuclear program. While Iran insists it only wants to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, and has every right to do so, world powers fear the country is working to develop a nuclear bomb.

Why Silicon Valley Isn’t Excited for Hillary Clinton

From Venture Beat: Presidential candidates like to treat Silicon Valley like an ATM, simply a money machine to support their massive national campaign expenses. They tour company headquarters with stump speeches, praising the tech industry as an engine of growth,

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