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Lonewolf Diaries: It's Time to Flip the Bird to Tyranny–Flag Yourself!


Yes, you’ve read correctly. Come this Thursday I will officially be putting a campaign underway for those opposed to nationalized healthcare. You need to flag yourselves to the Federal government. Make no mistake about it, there’s an information war going on out there and the good old Chicago politicians are trying to shut you down. Have you got the cojones to make YOUR voice heard?

Remember how upset Liberals (and even some Conservatives) were at “The Patriot Act?” It was an “invasion of our privacy and personal freedoms,” they’d say. Despite the fact that the bill was designed to gather information on terrorists and protect the American people (not harm them), I always understood the apprehension it caused people. It’s a slippery slope, and I get that.

On the flip side, however, we’ve got an administration that is NOT seeking out dangerous people with violent records, but proactively targeting American citizens in an attempt to intimidate voices of dissent.

Make no mistake about what’s going on here. This administration couldn’t care less about “fishy material” being circulated but by using such a term, they are deliberately attempting to marginalize any opposition to a government-healthcare takeover. By describing emails and blogs as “misinformation” they try and paint any opposition with the “crazy-right wing propagandist” brush, when the fact is that the majority of the American populace oppose the current bill. Just how many, you ask?

…Well, more people than ever voted for Barack Hussein Obama, that’s for sure.

This administration is trying to target the center-right American people in order to make us feel secluded. Once they make us feel as though we’re all alone, they can start sniping people off, one by one.

If this healthcare bill gets snuffed (as it most likely will), you can expect “The Fairness Doctrine” to rear it’s ugly little head again. This administration is covering their bases so that they have some “villains” to point to. Obama will try to go “Mel Gibson in “The Patriot”” on us and pick off the commanding officers first, in hopes that the rest of us will be easy-pickings afterward.

The grass-roots movement is working, and liberals hate that!

In order to show them just how effective it has been, I will be taking submissions for a “Flag Yourself Campaign” video that will be released on Thursday. If you have a camcorder or webcam and a penchant for truth, it’s time for you to join up. I will be sending my own letter of discontent to and suggest that you do the same.

If you would like to take part in the video, send an @ reply to

It’s time to step up to the plate and win one for the gipper.

…Or at least just stick it to Sean Penn.

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