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The Oxymoron of Campus Tolerance


So at Palm Beach State College last week, an administrator kicked the conservative group, Young Americans for Freedom, out of some event. The ejector, Olivia Morris Ford, claims she didn’t recall giving the scamps permission to be there.

But the group claims Olivia had responded, and there’s evidence: an e-mail from student Christina Beattie to Olivia, and Beattie’s phone log showing the call from Olivia.

So it looks like Ms. Morris Ford should lady up and tell the truth.

Something tells me, she won’t. Check out the video of the scrape:


Hmmm…I don’t think she cares if she gave them permission or not. That’s quite a reaction from someone working at a place where open-mindedness trumps oxygen.

Here’s the real point: that lady knew she could bully those kids because her rudeness fell into the “No worries, they’re conservatives!” category. If they were Vegan Nudists for Obama, she would have been fine. But she didn’t like their views, so she kicked ’em out.

And she got away with it.

Hey, no worries, they’re conservatives!

Anyway, I’m not into student groups, unless they involve a Twister mat and a jar of Nivea. It’s a leftover reflex from my time at Berkeley, where each day I endured gauntlets of sloppy card tables manned by angry progressives with their hacky sacks and halitosis. They would hang out for hours doing nothing but cataloguing the evils of a society that allowed them to hang out for hours cataloguing the evils of a society.

But no one kicked them out, because their pamphlets never questioned left-wing lunacy. I’m sure if they did, someone like Olivia Morris Ford would call security.

After all, there is only so much speaking truth to power, the left can take.

I.e. none.

And if you disagree with me, you’re a racist homophobic Islamophobic necrophobe.

Tonight, looks to be a barnburner!

(don’t burn any barns people, just a figure of speech)

Nick Di Paolo!

Juliet Huddy!

John Devore!

And some other junk, too!

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