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Actor Ruffalo Wants Obama to Turn Army Corps of Engineers Political

Mark Ruffalo — you know, the millionaire actor who claims to be part of the 99 percent – may not be a scientist. But he plays one on mass e-mailings from left-wing advocacy groups. And with that activism Ruffalo is urging President Barack Obama to turn the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from a science-based service to the American people into just another politicized arm of progressivism.

Mark Ruffalo

Ruffalo is lending his name to, an anti-fracking group claiming that the practice of drilling for natural gas contaminates drinking water wherever it is employed.

The science of the water contamination claim is not exactly proven but that won’t stop this group and actor Ruffalo from claiming it as fact. Clearly more scientific studies are needed to determine what is true and what isn’t here.

Despite all the studies done on fracking, there has been no solid proof that it contaminates drinking water. But let’s not let un-settled science get in the way of Ruffalo’s political activism, shall we?

There have been a lot of claims made about how fracking contaminates drinking water, but nothing has been definitively proven. Even Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson admits that the contamination claim lacks proof. Further a Penn State study as well as a USGS report out of Arkansas can’t verify the anti-natural gas advocate’s claim.

Worse, Ruffalo doesn’t want science to get in the way of how the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers operates. The man who is soon to star as The Hulk in the next year’s “Avengers” comic book film adaptation wants Obama to turn the Army Corps of Engineers into just another political arm of the progressive movement.

In his mass e-mailing, Ruffalo says:

On November 21st, the Delaware River Basin Commission will determine the fate of the Delaware – and your tap water. President Obama’s U.S. Army Corps of Engineers holds the critical swing vote. Right now, it’s unclear which side Obama will choose: our water and our health, or the profits of big oil and gas. That’s why we’re calling this November President Obama’s “moment of truth on extreme fossil fuels.”

Only an extremist can see a decision of the Corps as being on either the side of “big oil and gas” or “our water and our health.” It is a false dichotomy, a claim based on fear to raise money. The proper decision will place the Corps of Engineers on the side of science – choosing whether the practice is safe or not. Period.

The deadline of November is exciting the activists who want to make our energy prices soar, that want to shut down domestic sources of energy and that want to make us dependent on foreign sources of energy. The end of November, Ruffalo says, is “Obama’s moment of truth.”

I guess by then we will find out if Obama sides with science and with the honest recommendations of his Army Corps of Engineers, or if he’s going to turn them into yet another left-wing political arm of progressives? Will Obama listen to his generals and science, or will he bow to left-wing, political activists?

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