Errol Morris Preps Rumsfeld Doc

Errol Morris Preps Rumsfeld Doc

The director behind acclaimed documentaries like “Tabloid,” “The Fog of War” and “The Thin Blue Line” will soon train his camera on Donald Rumsfeld’s lengthy political career.

Errol Morris has procured a series of interviews with the former Secretary of Defense and plans to build a new film around them, according to

Morris did not respond to numerous calls and e-mails seeking comment, but a well-placed source tells Vulture that Rumsfeld sat down with Morris last month for a wide-ranging series of interviews that cover the entire span of his 40 years in public life — as a naval aviator, four-term congressman, counselor to President Nixon, big pharma CEO, and, of course, as the second-longest-serving Secretary of Defense in history. (Rumsfeld served just nine days fewer than the longest-serving Pentagon chief, McNamara himself.) “Errol has the magic of getting people to talk about everything,” says one studio chief who knows Morris well. “And they’ll sit until things go wrong.

Morris’ more politically charged films include “Standard Operating Procedure” about the Abu Ghraib scandal and “The Fog of War,” based on interviews of former Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara who is credited in some circles as the “architect” of the Vietnam War.