Obama Shill Colbert Shills For Obama's Undignified Fallon Appearance

Obama Shill Colbert Shills For Obama's Undignified Fallon Appearance

On Wednesday, Colbert’s ratings came in 47th and the media’s favorite phenom couldn’t even grab 1.2 million viewers. 

Last night, a member of Obama’s Comedy Palace Guard made a fool of himself with a weak attempt to hit back against those who consider the President’s Wednesday night “slow jam” appearance with Jimmy Fallon undignified, and then Colbert hit a new intellectual low by comparing the Obama appearance to an appearance by Mitt Romney earlier this year with Letterman.

In other words, Colbert is so desperate to salvage Obama, he makes himself willfully ignorant of the fact that there’s all the difference in the world between a candidate for president and an actual president.

As a candidate, and after his presidency was over, George W. Bush hit the late night circuit. As president, and for good reason, he felt that kind of appearance was beneath the dignity of the office.

And nothing proved Bush more correct than Obama’s shameful “slow jam.”

The video is below if you want to watch Colbert embarrass himself in front of about, oh, .00035% of the country.

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