Box Office Predictions: 'Dark Knight' Faces 'Recall,' 'Step Up' Stumbles Over Politics

Box Office Predictions: 'Dark Knight' Faces 'Recall,' 'Step Up' Stumbles Over Politics

Last weekend saw films open to pretty underwhelming results,and again our predictions were better than most of the major analyst sites. In this edition, you’ll find the newest calls as well as somechoice words for “Step Up Revolution.”

This weekend’s predictions and revenue results go as follows:

1. “The Dark Knight Rises” ($28 million) – Again, howmany will attend the film who didn’t go previous weeks? With the tragicshooting in Colorado continuing to add uncertainty, there is also theOlympics to steal away potential crowds. Still, film will earn enough towin another weekend.

2. “Total Recall” ($22 million) – Having KateBeckinsale will help power the numbers on this sci-fi remake, but that can only take the film so far withthe Olympics in full swing. ColinFarrell’s recent box office history doesn’t add much confidence either.Expect lukewarm results here.

3. “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days” ($20 million) -Film does have a consistent audience and will open just under theprevious installments. If audience buzz sinks for “Total Recall,” filmcould rise to the runner-up position.

4. “Ice Age: Continental Drift” ($7.4 million) – Filmwill grab some of those younger audiences but will fall farther behind thebox office pace of “Ice Age 3.” In fact, film looks to be theleast successful of the franchise domestically at this point.

5. “The Watch” ($5.8 million) – Expect a big drop hereas positive word of mouth is frighteningly low. Adding to the film’stroubles is “Ted” which will again steal away much ofthe film’s target audience.

6. “Step Up Revolution” ($5.3 million) – Another bigdrop for a holdover. Again, just like with “Rock Of Ages” and the like,we see a film designed around self-serving political interestsovershadow and diminish its concept. Once more the result is a disastrous boxoffice tally. Will Hollywood ever learn? Film will not only earn lessbox office than the previous “Step Up” installments, the franchiseitself is now effectively dead.

That’s the word from Sensei.

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