Sarah Palin Thanks Wayne Brady For 'Gracious' Apology For Trig Joke

Sarah Palin Thanks Wayne Brady For 'Gracious' Apology For Trig Joke

Breitbart News has been tracking the response to comedian Wayne Brady’s tasteless joke about Trig Palin during the recent Roseanne Barr comedy roast. The joke was in such poor taste the audience greeted it with boos. 

Yesterday, Brady issued a sincere apology. He wrote:

This letter has taken me a few days to compose because of the conflicting emotions that I’ve experienced since the day of the Roast and it’s subsequent airing … The Jeff joke was written for me and at the end of the day I take full responsibility for saying it. It wasn’t meant as a slam to Trig and at the time I didn’t see it that way.I could defend it as a performer, but I would rather apologize from the bottom of my heart as a father …  To the Palins, please know that no malice or harm was meant. To the other families who were touched negatively, I hope you’ll be able to accept this apology as well.

After reading Brady’s apology, Palin posted a picture of her husband, Todd, with her son, Trig on the governor’s Facebook page. Father and son are engaging in a fist-bump. Palin thanked Brady for his “gracious comment.” 

Thank you, Wayne Brady. Trig truly is a blessing. I swear, to his family anyway, that extra chromosome he’s got is a Love Chromosome! Thank you for your gracious comment today.