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Dhimmi MSM Stenographers Get Talking Points from Hamas-Linked CAIR


Thirty little buses in New York City…my, how they roll. Through our organization Stop Islamization of America, Robert Spencer and I have placed ads on New York City buses, offering help to Muslims wishing to leave Islam. Our ads ran previously on buses in Miami, but in New York they’ve received international notice. The religious liberty bus ad campaign was covered in the last few days by every major network: ABC, NBC, CBS (New York), CNN and FOX, as well by Associated Press, Reuters, the Los Angeles Times, Britain’s Daily Mail, Russian television, and many more–too many news outlets to list here.

leaving Islam

It’s no surprise that most mainstream media outlets that have covered the story have just repeated talking points from the unindicted co-conspirator, Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood front, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). AP said: “some Muslims are calling the ads a smoke screen for an anti-Muslim agenda.” Which Muslims are saying that? Farther down in the article we find out:

Faiza Ali, of the New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said the ads were based on a false premise that people faced coercion to remain with Islam. She said Muslims believe faith that is forced is not true belief.

“Geller is free to say what she likes, just as concerned community members are free to criticize her motives,” Ali said.

Geller has a history of speaking out against Muslims, and the ads are “a smoke screen to advance her long-standing history of anti-Muslim bigotry,” Ali said.


While we hear that “some Muslims” believe this, we don’t hear in this AP story about any Muslims who think otherwise. So is AP saying that the unindicted co-conspirator, Hamas-linked CAIR is the best representative of Muslims in America? Is AP actually saying that Muslims in the U.S. are haters, extremists, and terror-tied? Islamic Sharia law is very clear: apostasy is punishable by death. Why does CAIR equate being pro-freedom with being anti-Muslim? Is AP saying that Muslims in America don’t support religious freedom? Wow.

The New York Daily News, meanwhile, offered up more pure derangement from CAIR in its story about how Detroit’s SMART bus system, in violation of their own guidelines, refused to run our ads: “Detroit bus system rejects ‘Leaving Islam?’ ads as ‘pure anti-Muslim hate.'” (We’ve filed suit against the SMART system over this.) It seems as if CAIR is writing Daily News headlines and copy–there’s a reason why the Daily News is third in the New York market. Why don’t these shills for Islamic supremacists step back and think? It wasn’t SMART that called the ads “pure anti-Muslim hate,” it was Hamas-linked CAIR’s Dawud Walid, who said of the ads: “It’s a purely anti-Muslim hate issue.”

I don’t know about you, but I think CAIR is engaged in apostate hate.

cta_bus_ad pro Muslim

The Daily Newsinvestigative reporters” trolled Google in their research on me and exposed the blockbuster revelation that I once made a video while wearing a bikini at the beach. The Daily News said it was “from the surf of Israel” — uh, it was Florida. They have not gotten one fact right. And that was the whole of my resume as far as the Daily News was concerned: bikini vlogging.

The intrepid reporter went on to claim that the Miami bus system at first rejected the ads. Wrong again. They were up and running when the hate sponsors at CAIR threatened and bullied Miami-Dade Transit into taking the ads down. But they went right back up when I declared that I would fight for free speech, and announced preparations to file suit.

In the Daily News story, Walid calls 1.5 billion Muslims “a minority group” –I’d say the apostates who live in fear of their lives from Muslim thugs that CAIR never says anything about are the minority group.


Rifqa Bary, apostate Muslim

CAIR wants to keep us out of Detroit because there is a crying need for our religious liberty ads in that area, which is heavily populated by Muslims. The Washington Times (a real newspaper that actually does genuine reporting) spoke to people in Detroit, and one teacher in Dearborn said:

The fear is palpable. I know there are things I am ‘not allowed’ to say. A discussion of religion with a Muslim person is often prefaced by the statement, ‘Don’t say anything about the Prophet [Muhammad].’ In free society, open and honest conversation is not usually begun by a prohibition. Threats and intimidation are just part of life here. […]

This kind of campaign and Americans support of it could assure these frightened Muslims that they have the rights that every other American has, that they will be protected, not abandoned or exposed to their leaders should they act upon their desire to be free.

And that is the reason for Hamas-linked CAIR’s ugly, irrational fury. But what’s the mainstream media’s excuse for not sticking up for this vulnerable, endangered minority: apostates from Islam?

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