Thursday Crib Sheet: Olbermann's Ego Strikes Again, Univision Smears Latino Conservatives

Keith Olbermann cannot keep his ego in check, clashes with Current:

The latest developments: Olbermann’s lawyer, Hollywood power attorney Patty Glaser (who repped Conan O’Brien during his battle with NBC) is negotiating with Current TV, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Exactly what those negotiations entail is a mystery for now.

The New York Times reports that the issue at hand is one of control. When Olbermann joined Current, he was given equity in the channel, as well as the title of chief news officer. Since then Current added a president in David Bohrman, and Joel Hyatt took over as CEO. In addition, Olbermann’s “Countdown” has suffered from technical snafus, issues beyond the control of him or his staff.

Hollywood Reporter has more, a statement from Olbermann:

“I was not given a legitimate opportunity to host under acceptable conditions,” Olbermann said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday. “They know it and we know it. Telling half the story is wrong.”

Meghan McCain is a tease.

Chevy Volt named one of the Worst Products of the Year by Yahoo Finance.

Univision wages war on Latino conservatives:

A giant TV network has effectively admitted to blackmailing Florida’s GOP Sen. Marco Rubio over his immigration stance. It’s Exhibit A of the kind of sludge being hurled at Latino leaders who won’t toe the open-borders line.

Bigfoot Spanish-language television network Univision unwittingly revealed it’s got a mafia-style hit-equivalent out there waiting for any conservative leader of Hispanic descent who won’t tout their open-borders line on immigration.

So much for reporting the news. Univision’s top honchos behind this are all about politics — and are running their news organization like a cult mafia leader wielding power based on groupthink and fear.

Last October, the Miami Herald broke news that Univision executive Isaac Lee threatened to make public a story about the arrest of Rubio’s brother-in-law 24 years ago — that is, unless, in an offer he couldn’t refuse, Rubio agreed to go on Univision’s Jorge Ramos show, presumably to be savaged by the TV host, known as a loud advocate of open borders.

– Hacktivist group Anonymous targets contributors to Germany’s neo-Nazi paper, those who purchase neo-Nazi literature, shut down 15 websites. Laws protecting individual freedom from government don’t exist to protect easy thoughts with which all agree, but thoughts with which all do not agree. People have the right to their own thoughts, regardless how insanely far left their ideas are; targeting people for thought or purchasing written works is a form of thought police. When people have the freedom to wear their crazy on the outside, society gets to see it for the ugliness that it is and public rejection is an organic deterrent and form of societal control. Removing that freedom and forcing such thoughts underground creates a resentment towards the entity oppressing it and removes the deterrence of organic public embarrassment while at the same time infringing upon free speech and thought. You then have evil neo-Nazi believers and evil practitioners of censorship, nothing accomplished, both entities just as disgusting as the other.

CBS did Santorum a disservice by attributing words to him he did not say.

WaPo exploits park ranger shooting as argument for more gun control.