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TIME Publishes Goofy Paul Ryan Outtakes Before Debate

TIME Publishes Goofy Paul Ryan Outtakes Before Debate


On the morning of the vice presidential debate, Time Magazine released outtakes of Paul Ryan working out from a photo shoot done nearly a year ago, continuing the mainstream media’s tradition of using photos as political weapons against Republicans.

These photos, which show Ryan doing curls on a workout bench with his hat on backwards and listening to music on his earphones, are meant to make Ryan seem goofy and make him look anything but serious before his debate against Vice President Joe Biden. Democrats have tried to paint Ryan as a “frat boy” in order to delegitimize his serious and substantive budget plan, and this is an example of the mainstream media again aiding Democrats in driving narratives against Republicans. 

These photos were never intended to make the final cut and get published, which is why Ryan was free to goof off in them. And yet Time, which had these photos since November of 2011, decided to not-so-coincidentally publish them anyway hours before Ryan’s debate with Biden. Four of the five outtakes published were of Ryan in workout gear while a fifth was of Ryan in a suit sitting on a workout bench. 

This week, the Associated Press published a photo its editors knew would lead viewers to think a school-age girl was staring at Romney’s butt. Of course, this was meant to get laughs at Romney’s expense and hurt him among casual voters. During the 2008 election, Newsweek ran a cover photo of Sarah Palin that zoomed in uncomfortably close on her face while other mainstream media outlets ran close-up photos of her bare legs. 

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