I Call It the 'Lil Wayne Effect'

Sonnie, I have similar stories to tell about how it’s usually best to not discuss politics with family members. My 22-year-old college educated cousin told me that even though Obama is the president, nothing’s going to change for black people. 

I never really forgot the look in her eyes when she said those words to me. I can still remember the despair and the disappointment on her face. I recently had a similar conversation with a colleague of mine about how having a black president wasn’t going to help the black community. To be sure he got his point across to me, my co-worker quoted Lil Wayne:

 “Tired of the same $&@!, don’t know who to blame S&@!. And we knew a Black President wouldn’t change $&@!”

I’m not sure if you can call this buyers remorse given the outcome of the election. And I’m not sure how widespread the sentiment is among black people. But that type of thinking, riddled with victimhood, is definitely one of the saddest expressions of a shrunken scope of existence that I’ve seen in a long time. 

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