The Best Part of Lethal Weapon 2

I didn’t like this movie much at all.  The best part was the ending.

I don’t mean that in the usual “the best part was when it was over” way.  I mean I love the helicopter-shot-at-dawn-over-the-port-of-Los-Angeles and George Harrison’s “Cheer Down.”


It’s a big expensive show-offy shot that most people didn’t even see (they were walking out) and that tells you “You’ve just seen a big-budget movie where we spent an awful lot of money for very little reason, except it all sort of looks kinda neat.”  Sometimes it’s nice to see a great big movie that’s unabashedly a Great Big Movie.

I don’t count the Computer Generated Cartoon stuff they’re doing now.

For any of the movieistas — I know that people talk a lot about starting credit sequences. Are there many memorable end-credit sequences? All I can think of is like Cannonball Run’s outtakes. I think they were the first to do that. 

Oh, right:  A guy named @urbanachievr reminds me that The Hangover had a hell of an end-credits sequence (all the still-shots of the night before).  Yes, that was pretty memorable.

 A good number of comedies have somewhat funny credit sequences.  I know that Denise Roberts/Neve Campbell movie, Wild Something or Other, had a sequence where they showed a bunch of scenes that explained the twists in the movie.  Those were sort of comedic in tone, too.

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