Cyber Beat Daily: Crowdsourcing the Boston Investigation + The Day's Top Tech Stories

The day’s top stories in social media and technology for 4/16 focus on the impact of social media and cell service in times of disaster, the lasting sometimes ill-effects of sexting, recent hacking threats and issues, free speech and online reviews, regulating video games and the impact of used games on a gamemaker’s business.

Summary of stories: crowdsourcing the Boston investigation, the sheer volume of ‘Boston’ on Twitter, cybersquatting against conspiracy theorists, Weiner is sorry but he won’t talk about his sexting, Anonymous warns Westboro Baptist Church not to picket Boston funerals, The Pirate Bay’s co-founder is indicted on hacking charges, speculation of hacking as cause of American Airlines shutdown, a buyer is sued over negative eBay feedback, how the government could have shut down cell networks in Boston, a professor says the NJ arcade game bill is a waste of taxpayer resources, and used game sales concern a video game maker.

Read below for these stories and more.

Featured Story.

As the Boston Marathon location becomes one of the “most complex” of crime scenes, law enforcement authorities make a plea to the public for photos, videos and any information that could assist in the investigation. It’s shaping up to become a fascinating, pioneering exercise in investigative crowdsourcing.

Data for the Boston Marathon Investigation Will Be Crowdsourced

Social Media/Tech Trends, Happenings and Faux Pas.

Boston dominates Twitter.

Twitter Mentions of ‘Boston’ Increased 20,000%

While tragedies can bring out the best in people, they can also bring out the worst in others.

Boston Bombing Facebook And Twitter Page ‘Fakes’ Set Up To Capitalise On Tragedy

Cybersquatting against tinfoil.

Why One Californian Bought a Domain Name to Stave Off Boston Conspiracy Theorists

Right. Of course you are.

Weiner: I’m Sorry But I’m Done Talking About The Sexting

Hoaxes, Harassment and Hacking.

“If #WBC protests the Boston funerals, they will have to expect us.”

Anonymous To Westboro Baptist Church: Picket Boston Marathon Funerals At Your Own Risk

“…accused of hacking into Nordea Bank to withdraw money, and of hacking into several Swedish companies and the government’s federal taxing agency.”

Pirate Bay Cofounder Indicted on Hacking Charges

“While we do not know exactly what has caused American’s woes,  it is unlikely that a single point failure would render the airline’s entire system inoperative.”

American Airlines Grounded. Accident or Potential Cyberattack?

Although, this report claims that gate agents were telling passengers, “hacking suspected.”


Law and Order.

One negative review over $1.44 in extra postage has driven one company to litigate in order to try and have it removed.

New anti-speech low: buyer sued over negative eBay feedback

‘Feds won’t reveal secret process for shutting off cell service.’

Gov’t didn’t shut down cell networks in Boston–but it could have


Texas A&M Professor of psychology says “bill is a typical waste of taxpayer money that capitalizes on a national tragedy to support a war against culture.”

Christopher Ferguson Calls NJ Arcade Game Bill ‘A Waste of Taxpayer Resources’

Game maker says it’s handling impact of used game sales by adding “lots and lots of DLC” for its games.

Bethesda: Used Game Sales ‘Absolutely’ a Concern