Police Find 5 Skeletons, 2 Cars Missing For Decades On Oklahoma Lake Bottom

Police testing new sonar equipment during a training exercise at Foss Lake in Oklahoma discovered five skeletons inside a blue 1969 Chevy Camaro and a 1950s-era vehicle perhaps linked to the early 1960’s disappearance of a couple.

The Camaro is believed to be associated with the disappearance of three students at Sayre High School: Jimmy Allen Williams 16, Thomas Michael Rios, 18, and Leah Gail Johnson 18. They were last seen on Nov. 20, 1970, in Jimmy’s car — a blue 1969 Camaro, which was never found, according to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, a bureau of the Justice Department’s National Institute of Justice.

The other couple was last seen in Canute, Oklahoma according to Custer County Sheriff Bruce Peoples. “He asked anyone with information about that case to get in touch as soon as possible at (580) 323-1616”.