Cops: Litigious Man Charged With Fraud After Staging Banana Peel Fall

Cops: Litigious Man Charged With Fraud After Staging Banana Peel Fall

A man looking for a $15,000 settlement for injuries he sustained when he “slipped” on a banana peel, now faces fraud charges after police say he staged the fall. Investigators say Maurice Owens (pictured above in surveillance footage) placed the banana peel on the ground, himself, at a D.C. Metro Station. 

Investigators say, on August 8 at 8:45 p.m. surveillance video shows Owens entering an empty elevator at the Potomac Avenue Metro station. The man  looks directly into the camera as he drops what was later identified as a banana peel. After a few more glances at the camera, he then slips on the banana peel while exiting the elevator. 

Owens reported leg and hip injuries before being transported to a local hospital for treatment. In a post fall interview, Owens reportedly grilled the station custodian as to why he had not cleaned up the banana peel and then promptly requested $15,000 to settle his claim.

A seemingly air tight claim, however, Owens’ slight of hand was apparently no match for the video camera. His lawsuit has since been dismissed and he was arrested and charged with second degree fraud, a felony. 

Police are now concerned that those who sustain real injuries from real banana peel falls will no longer be taken seriously. 

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