WATCH: IDF’s Nahal Battalion Trains For Urban Combat Against Terrorist Threats

Israeli Defense Force troops prepare to mobilize on January 3, 2009 on the Gaza/ Israel border. The IDF have this evening launched a ground offensive in Gaza in an attempt to take control of Hamas Qassam rocket launch sites in the region. (Photo by Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)
Uriel Sinai/Getty

The Jerusalem Post reports: A soldier peered around the corner of a concrete building. “We can go this way,” he said to his comrade standing behind him. The terrorists were in a building in the next yard, 50 meters away. Their commander thought the decision was wrong for the moment.

“Wait, come back inside.”

In the dreadful heat, squads from the Nahal Brigade’s Battalion 50 were training for urban combat in several houses under construction in Samaria.

After a year in the army and three months of service in Hebron, these soldiers knew the drill. But in this special weeklong training exercise they were escaping the routine and training both in open country and in house to house fighting for an enemy more sophisticated than the lone-wolf Palestinians carrying out stabbings in the West Bank.

Using paint ball guns, an expensive luxury for training, gave a unique feel to the mock combat.

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