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Clinton People Once Again Stick Their Noses In Israeli Politics


Once wasn’t enough, it seems. In 1999, Clinton sent his top guns to help bring down Bibi Netanyahu and get Ehud Barak elected. Now Stanly Greenberg is back trying to pull Netanyahu down again.

With the signing of the Oslo accords in 1992, Israel underwent a massive wave of terror attacks on its civilian population. Hundreds of people were killed in bombings and shootings. One of the results of these constant attacks was the ascension of Binyamin Netanyahu to the post of Prime Minister, when the center-right Likud party ousted the more left wing Labor party as the largest block in the Israeli Knesset. Netanyahu, besides being (at the time) very hawkish, was also a free market economist who started making moves against the socialist infrastructure of Israel. Needless to say, his security-based stance in dealing with the Arabs as well as his expectations that they fulfill the parts of the accords they signed started to put a drag on the progress of the “Peace” talks. This did not sit well with the Clinton administration that saw the brow beating of Israel into what has proven to be disastrous for all involved, as a holy mission.

Stanley Greenberg

In 1999, general elections were called in Israel. The Labor party was now led by former Head of the Joint Chiefs, Ehud Barak. Obviously upset with the way Netanyahu was running the country, Clinton sent his big guns to go assist the Barak campaign. With Greenberg, Bob Shrum, and James Carville now on the payroll with a willing media, Barak was able to steamroll Netanyahu and the Likud out of control.

Now that Netanyahu is back in the Prime Minister’s office and he is standing up to the Obama administration and Secretary of State Clinton, it is time to bring the big guns back in to pull him down. For the last few months, there have been ongoing protests in Israel against the rising cost of living. Tent cities have popped up decrying the high price of housing and calls for “Social Justice.” Not to say that there is not some truth to some of the claims of the organizers that a few oligarchs control a large percentage of Israel’s economy, but the obvious underlying theme of the protests is to pull down the Likud-led government.

A report in the Israeli daily Ma’ariv has found that the entire protest movement has been organized by a group of media gurus led by none other than Clinton crony Stanley Greenberg. More and more details have come out that the entire movement has been funded and set up by groups who don’t see the future of Israel as an independent Jewish state.

Thankfully, the Netanyahu government has not paid anything more than a small amount of lip service to the demands of the protestors. The ongoing attacks in the South as well as the historically low unemployment rate have kept the Likud party high in the polls.

With that, we can only hope that Democrat operatives will at some point keep their noses out of internal Israeli politics.

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