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Turkey: Arrested Vice Journalists Had Video Interviews of PKK Members

Turkish state media is confirming that three Vice News journalists, arrested on “terrorism” charges in the Middle Eastern nation, had ties to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), possessing footage of members of the group making molotov cocktails while being interviewed. Turkey has moved the journalists to a facility five hours away from their legal representation.

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U.S. Considers Cyberwar Sanctions Against Russia, China

Hard on the heels of reports that China and Russia are busy using stolen U.S. government data to identify American intelligence officers and assets, comes word that the Obama administration is considering retaliatory sanctions against Russian and Chinese targets.


Think Tank: Iran Begins Military Shopping Spree in Russia

Iran has embarked upon a shopping spree, heavily focused on its military, ahead of the billions of dollars in sanctions relief funds it expects to receive, courtesy of the nuclear deal it reached with the U.S and five other world powers, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank points out.

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President of Guatemala Stripped of Immunity

Guatemala’s Congress lifted President Otto Perez Molina’s immunity of office on Tuesday, opening him up to possible prosecution in a widening customs corruption scandal that has rocked his administration and the country’s political system.

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WWII Vet Transmitted News of Japanese Surrender 70 Years Ago

MECHANICVILLE, N.Y. (AP) — Stephen Dennis enlisted in the Navy soon after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941. Less than a year later, the raw 19-year-old recruit was thrust into fighting off the Solomon Islands and survived one of the fiercest naval battles in the South Pacific.

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Boko Haram Members Arrested in Lagos, Nigeria’s Largest City

The Islamic State-affiliated terrorist group Boko Haram has a small, but very real presence in Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city, authorities asserted this week. According to Nigeria’s federal intelligence agency, up to 12 people suspected of being members of Boko Haram have been arrested in the city.

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China’s 24M More Boys than Girls: Recipe for Revolution

China faces a crisis of at least 24 million boys that will never find a mate due to tens of millions of female infanticides during China’s 34 years of one-child “policy” to restrict population growth. With at least 10 percent of China’s young men never being able find a spouse, these “bare branches” may direct their anger at the authorities.


Senate Dems Have Votes to Hand Obama Victory on Iran Deal

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic Sen. Barbara Mikulski of Maryland became the crucial 34th vote in favor the Iran nuclear deal Wednesday, ensuring a landmark victory for President Barack Obama over ferocious opposition from Republicans and the government of Israel.

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World View: China Leads a Worldwide Stock Selloff

Contents: China leads a worldwide stock selloff; Oil volatility illustrates exogenous factors affecting Wall Street; China rescues the stock market every day at 2 pm; China arresting people who spread malicious rumors by telling the truth

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