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Pope Francis Holds Historic Video-Conference Prior to U.S. Visit

In his virtual town-hall event, the Pope spoke with from the Vatican with students from the Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Chicago, parishioners of the Sacred Heart Church in McAllen, Texas, as well as homeless men and women and the people who work with them, in Los Angeles. The event was hosted by ABC News in an effort to reach out to Americans from all parts of the country, since Francis will only be able to three East coast cities during his visit later in September.

AP Photo/Mark Baker

Turkey Insists Bangkok Bombing Suspect Not a Turkish Citizen

On Saturday morning, Thai police raided an apartment on the outskirts of Bangkok and arrested a man they regard as a prime suspect in the horrific bombing attack on the Erawan Shrine last week, in which 20 people were killed. Word soon spread that the suspect was a Turkish citizen.

CBS News

ISIS Advances into Assad’s Seat of Power Damascus

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) advanced into a large district in southern Damascus, bringing the jihadist group closer to the center of the capital, the terrorist organization and Syrian activists have reportedly said.

AP Photo/Vladimir Donsov

Ukraine: Kiev Parliament Bombed, Dozens Injured

Violence erupted in front of the Ukrainian parliament after a protester threw a grenade at National Guard servicemen and policemen who stood guard outside the building. The explosion killed one person and injured hundreds of policemen.

Vladimir Putin,  Xi Jinping

China and Russia Build Massive Database from Hacks to Use Against America

According to U.S. officials cited by the L.A. Times, China and Russia are cross-indexing the mountain of data stolen in the Office of Personnel Management hack earlier this year with other major data breaches, including stolen airline bookings and the Ashley Madison subscriber database, to identify intelligence officials, their agents, and assets.


Colombia: Venezuelan Soldiers Are Sexually Abusing Our Girls

Colombia’s Attorney General Office is accusing the Venezuelan government of allowing its soldiers to sexually abuse underaged Colombian girls as Venezuela executes a mass deportation of Colombian citizens triggered by an attack on Venezuelan soldiers. President Nicolás Maduro insists Colombia is responsible.

Canada's parliament on May 7, 2015 in Ottawa. AFP PHOTO MICHEL COMTE

American Export To Canada: Left-Wing Advocacy

The Ford, Tides, and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation have granted tens of millions of dollars to left-wing political agitation groups in Canada in recent years. The beneficiary groups vary in their focuses of public policy prescriptions. The ostensible objectives of these groups, as indicated by their self-descriptions, include advocacy for “clean energy transition,” “ecological and equitable choices,” “restor(ing) and preservin(ing) the environment,” “social, economic, and environmental justice” and “indigenous sovereignty.”

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