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China Accuses Philippines of Violating South China Sea Agreement

If China’s talk of rebuilding the legendary “Silk Road” trade route is a means of asserting dominance over Asian land and water, it is hardly the only muscle Beijing is flexing. Reuters reports that the Chinese are accusing the Philippines of violating a largely informal code governing the South China Sea by constructing military and civilian facilities on certain disputed islands. The Philippines Foreign Ministry levels the exact same charge against China.

AP Photo/Brandon Wade

American Jihadi in Somalia Encouraged ‘Draw Muhammad’ Contest Attack

A jihadist in Somalia believed to have tiles to Al-Shabaab was found to have tweeted a message demanding Americans attack the ‘Draw Muhammad’ Contest held in Garland, Texas on Sunday. The discovery of these tweets follows reports from at least one law enforcement official that the gunmen responded directly to Twitter requests to attack the event.


Hamas Worse Than Jews, Says ISIS in Gaza

A group calling itself Supporters of the Islamic State in Jerusalem has continued to challenge the Gaza-ruling Palestinian entity Hamas. The ISIS-linked Salafists are attempting to stir enough discontent in the Palestinian territory to pose a challenge to the rival jihadi outfit.

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