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In CNN Interview, Obama Commits to Appeasement

On Sunday, President Barack Obama explained his stance on radical Islam to CNN's Fareed Zakaria--and in the process, showed exactly why it is that the U.S. is losing to Al Qaeda, ISIS, and Iran. Obama believes, against all available evidence, that only a small minority of Muslims share the political beliefs of Islamist terror groups. And he is wedded to a particular tactic--the so-called "surgical" strike--that precludes any commitment of troops, giving the enemy wide freedom of action.

Greece Refuses to Negotiate Bailout with EU, IMF

European finance ministers worried that Greece's new far-left government would renege on the terms of previous bailout packages, while demanding even more debt to finance wild new spending programs, were given fresh reason for concern when the new Greek finance minister announced his government would not negotiate bailout terms with the European Union or International Monetary Fund.

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