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Kurdish Outlets Boast Popularity of Female Anti-ISIS Fighters in Israel

As the elite Kurdish female forces fighting the Islamic State become increasingly well-known, nations close to the struggle have expressed increasing interest in these women. Israeli television aired a popular special this week profiling the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection United (YPG), who are fighting the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL).

Canadian Christian Pastor Detained in North Korea

Reverend Lim Hyeon-soo, of the Light Korean Presbyterian Church of Toronto, arrived across the Chinese border into North Korea on January 31 for a humanitarian visit, and was scheduled to return on February 4. For nearly a month there was no news of him, but this week the Canadian government told Lim’s family that Pyongyang has contacted them and confirmed that they are holding him.
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Saudi Columnists: Bibi Right, Obama Wrong about Iran

Following Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Tuesday address to a joint session of Congress, where he warned about the grave threats to the world posed by a potentially-nuclear Iran, the Jewish leader has received surprising support from a group of popular Saudi columnists.

House Rep. Dropped from Charity Banquet Following Bibi Walkout

Illinois Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-9) was slated to be honored by Keshet Sunday evening, March 8, 2015 with its Community Service Award. According to reliable sources close to the situation, the developmental disabilities charity asked Schakowsky earlier this week not to attend their annual Rainbow Banquet.

Vehicular Jihad: Palestinian Plows Car Into Cyclist, at Least Six Israeli Officers

In the latest case of “vehicular jihad,” on Friday, a Palestinian terrorist rammed his car into a cyclist and at least six other Israeli Border Patrol officers. Witnesses on scene said the jihadist was driving along a road in Jerusalem when he intentionally turned onto the side of the road in an attempt to kill his Jewish victims. After crashing the car, the man exited his vehicle wielding a knife, according to reports.

Vatican Spokesman Backs Off Lawsuit Against Catholic Blogger

Vatican spokesman Father Tom Rosica had his lawyers send a letter threatening to sue a Catholic blogger in Canada for the man's ongoing criticism of Rosica and his influence on the Extraordinary Synod of Catholic Bishops last fall in Rome. But now, after considerable media attention, Father Rosica has backed off and says he never really meant it.

Jezebel’s Feminist Fantasies Glorify Muslim Pirate Wonder Woman

Jezebel contributor Laura Sook Duncombe has discovered a “Cinderella story of unusual satisfaction” in a sixteenth-century female Muslim piracy organizer. Writing for the feminist blog Jezebel, Duncombe’s Orientalist fantasy “of an independent and beautiful woman” in Morocco who terrorized non-Muslims shows how deluded and self-hating Western political correctness has become.

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