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American Volunteer Talks About Fighting ISIS Alongside the Kurds

Kurdish news agency Rudaw published an interview with American volunteer Jordan Matson over the weekend. Matson, a 28-year-old U.S. Army veteran from Wisconsin, said he had no combat or even overseas deployments with the Army, but he decided to travel to Syria and fight alongside the Kurdish YPG militia "because they stood by the United States for 10 years while my country was in Iraq," and he wanted to "repay that debt."

Ukraine Marks 29 Years Since Chernobyl Disaster

(AFP) SLAVUTYCH, Ukraine: Ukrainians Sunday marked 29 years since the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, laying wreaths and candles near the plant where work to lay a new seal over the reactor site has been delayed.
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ISIS Threat Reported in California; Official Denies Threat to LAX

Federal law enforcement and homeland security officials are reportedly stepping up security due to an ISIS-related terror threat, according to CNN. The boosted security was reportedly prompted by "intercepted chatter and other intelligence information" that suggested parts of the state could be in danger.
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Report: ‘Sophisticated’ Russian Hackers Accessed Obama’s Emails

WASHINGTON — Some of President Obama’s email correspondence was swept up by Russian hackers last year in a breach of the White House’s unclassified computer system that was far more intrusive and worrisome than has been publicly acknowledged, according to senior American officials briefed on the investigation.
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Nepal Earthquake: Over 1,000 Dead, History Razed, Everest Shaken

KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) — A powerful earthquake struck Nepal Saturday, killing at least 1,180 people across a swath of four countries as the violently shaking earth collapsed houses, leveled centuries-old temples and triggered avalanches on Mt. Everest. It was the worst tremor to hit the poor South Asian nation in over 80 years.
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Earthquake Near Nepalese Capital Of Kathmandu

An earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale has hit central Nepal with hundreds feared dead and many more stranded under collapsed buildings. The tremors were felt in neighbouring countries including Pakistan and India with a Nepalese minister saying there

Fox News Reports on the Tangled Web of Clinton Cash

On Friday night, Fox News aired a one-hour special on 'The Tangled Clinton Web," providing a fine summary of the scandals thus far spinning out of Peter Schweizer's new book Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich.

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