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Former Iraqi POW Jessica Lynch Talks About Persecution Of Christians

Twelve years on, former Iraqi prisoner-of-war Jessica Lynch is working as an inspirational speaker and an actress in Christian-themed films, including a new release called "One Church." She was interviewed on WABC Radio's The Rita Cosby Show over the weekend, where she expressed concerns about terrorism, the rise of ISIS in Iraq, and the persecution of Christians.
Hassan Rouhani

Australia, Iran Sign Intelligence Sharing Accord

Australia and Iran have reached an agreement that allows for the two nations to share intelligence regarding the fight against Sunni jihadists in the Middle East, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced over the weekend.

Iraq Surge Remains the Dividing Line in U.S. Foreign Policy

President Barack Obama's decision to abandon Iraq remains the most significant strategic blunder in a generation. Putting politics ahead of strategy, Obama sought to win an argument with history rather than to win the struggle against terror and tyranny in the Middle East. His presidential ambitions depended on his opposition to the Iraq War--which, he decided, also meant opposing the "surge." He could barely admit the surge worked--and, in office, reversed it as soon as possible.
AP Photo/Jens Meyer, File

European Union Accuses Google Of Anti-Competitive Practices

The European Union has been involved in what seems like a permanent investigation of Google for abusing its search-engine dominance. There is a certain through-the-looking-glass quality to Reuters' report on the latest developments, as Google is punished with anti-competitive regulations for allegedly engaging in anti-competitive practices.

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