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India One Step Closer to Space Shuttle Launch

MUMBAI: India is on the cusp of developing its own reusable space launch vehicle, popularly known as a space shuttle. Isro’s 1.5 tonne vehicle resembling an aircraft is provisionally slated to make its maiden flight towards the end of July or August from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota.

Russian Orthodox Conchita Wurst

Russian Orthodox Patriarch: Eurovision Is ‘Repulsive’

The “hotbed of sodomy” Eurovision Song Contest final has again been blasted by the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), after the Primate called the international music event “repulsive”. The Leader of the ROC, the Patriarch of Moscow, made the comments last Thursday,

Guy Sebastian

Australia in Europe’s Song Contest? In a Word, Yes.

VIENNA (AP) — For the first time in its 60-year history, the Eurovision Song Contest may be won by — Australia. The land from Down Under is making its debut in Europe’s favorite songfest, invited as a wild card due


Legion of Foreign Fighters Battles for Islamic State

PANKISI GORGE, Georgia (AP) — One day this April, instead of coming home from school, two teenagers left their valley high in the Caucasus, and went off to war. In Minneapolis, Minnesota, a 20-year-old stole her friend’s passport to make

Kheda Goilabiyeva, Nazhud Guchigov, Magomed Daudov

Chechen Teen Bride Scandal Puts Putin In Bind

MOSCOW (AP) — The groom is approaching 50, a silver-haired boss in the Chechen strongman’s feared police force. The bride is 17, a shy beauty reportedly devastated at the idea of wedding a man nearly three times her age.

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World Blasts Ukraine for Honoring Nazi Collaborators in New Laws

The Ukrainian government is under fire after President Petro Poroshenko signed a bill that bans all Communism and Nazi symbols. He also signed a law that honors and recognizes militias that worked with the Germans in World War II. The United States Holocaust Museum lashed out at the decision.

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Something Missing from Iraq War Debate (As Usual)

The Iraq debate that has erupted three, seven, eight, twelve years too late may end up disproving the old adage, “Better late than never.” Why? Too many glaring omissions from the conversation. Let’s start with Numero Uno: Islam. Once again,

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Bin Laden: Confronting Climate Change Insult to Allah’s Will

Usama bin Ladin (UBL) was an adherent of climate change who argued that fighting the phenomenon is an arrogant Western insult to Allah’s will, according to recently unclassified documents recovered during the raid on the compound where the al Qaeda leader was killed.


Israelis Seize 120 ISIS Rings Bound for Palestinian Authority

In a disturbing sign of the Islamic State’s expanding influence, Israeli customs officials at Ben Gurion Airport have intercepted a suspicious package from Turkey that turned out to be packed with 120 shiny new ISIS rings, adorned with ISIS logos and slogans in Arabic, bound for Palestinian Authority customers.

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