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Barclays Bank Says China Capital Flight Twice as Big as Russia’s

Barclay’s Bank estimates that despite a hot stock market, the China suffered $300 billion in capital flight and is facing its first foreign exchange liquidity crisis since 2000. The news follows a report that China’s GDP is experiencing negative growth in real terms, thanks to collapsing domestic demand.
Iraqi army prepares to assault Islamic State forces in Mosul

ISIS Bomb Strikes the Heart of Erbil, Iraq, Killing Two

A suicide car bomb struck near the U.S. Consulate in Erbil, northern Iraq on Friday afternoon killing three people and wounding eight others. One of the wounded included an American woman, reported Rudaw News. The incident occurred at 5:40pm in the district of Ankawa, which is a predominately Christian area and a popular place for Westerners.

Andrew Jackson’s Likeness on the $20 Bill Must be Preserved

Andrew Jackson’s days on the $20 bill may be over if an activist group called Women on the 20s gets its way. Because of this campaign, which is backed by a litany of liberal columnists, “Old Hickory” may be unceremoniously ditched in favor of one of these four female candidates.
AP Photo/Vahid Salemi

3 New Dangers That Should Sink Iran Deal–But Won’t

Three new dangers have emerged in the last few days alone that should scuttle any nuclear deal with the Iranian regime. If President Barack Obama were truly concerned about American security, he would have ended negotiations, told Congress to pass new sanctions, and prepared the armed forces for military action as a last resort. Instead, out of narcissism and a fear of war at all costs, he is pursuing a peace at any price--one that guarantees war in the future on unfavorable terms.
AP/Hussein Malla

Hizbullah Chief: We Are Going to Need Help Launching a War Against Israel

Lebanon's Hizbullah terror gang is normally one of the most active and belligerent terrorist organizations in the world. It is therefore significant that Hizbullah's Secretary-General, Hassan Nasrallah, told a Syrian News TV interviewer that his organization is not capable of carrying out a war against Israel on its own.

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