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Libya: Battle to Force Islamic State Out of Qaddafi’s Birthplace Continues

A little more than a month ago, Libyan forces claimed they had all but driven the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) out of their stronghold in Sirte, birthplace of Muammar Gaddafi. “We think that Sirte will be liberated within days, not weeks,” a military spokesman said, saying the only real problem remaining was an infestation of ISIS snipers.

Obama Holds Bilateral Meeting With Russian President Putin At UN

Russia Bombed U.S Base in Syria to Pressure Obama to Join Forces

The Russian military on June 16 bombed a “secret base” near the Jordanian border in Syria used by “elite American and British forces” as part of efforts to strong arm the Obama administration into agreeing to cooperate with Moscow, reports The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).


Venezuela: No Bread Forces McDonald’s to Stop Selling Big Macs

McDonald’s has ceased production of its signature Big Mac sandwich in Venezuela, citing a shortage of bread that makes it impossible to mass produce the product. The move, the latest in McDonald’s production woes in the socialist nation, follows President Nicolás Maduro’s order placing the nation’s military in control of the food supply.


Five Charged Over France Truck Attack

(AFP) – Five suspects have been formally charged over the truck attack in the French Riveria city of Nice that killed 84 people, the Paris prosecutor said. Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, who mowed down crowds of people enjoying a Bastille Day