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‘Islamic State in America’ Release Statement Threatening to ‘Slaughter’ Pamela Geller

Less than a week after two jihadists attempted to assault a ‘Draw Muhammad’ contest in Garland, Texas and one day after the Islamic State officially took credit for the attack, a statement claiming to come from ISIS leadership in America has appeared online threatening the event’s organizer, Pamela Geller, and asserting that “15 states” have been infiltrated by the terrorist group.


Pope Francis Underscores Distinctiveness of Christian Marriage

As more and more countries enact laws permitting same-sex marriage, Pope Francis devoted his weekly “general audience” to the topic of Christian matrimony, distinguishing it from the merely social institution of marriage in its diverse forms and insisting that the life of the Church “deteriorates” whenever marriage “is disfigured.”


China Accuses Philippines of Violating South China Sea Agreement

If China’s talk of rebuilding the legendary “Silk Road” trade route is a means of asserting dominance over Asian land and water, it is hardly the only muscle Beijing is flexing. Reuters reports that the Chinese are accusing the Philippines of violating a largely informal code governing the South China Sea by constructing military and civilian facilities on certain disputed islands. The Philippines Foreign Ministry levels the exact same charge against China.

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