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Socialists Across Europe See Opportunity to Spread Greece Chaos

Yesterday, as Greece’s debt negotiations entered a new hard-core round of brinkmanship mistaken by many observers for conciliatory gestures to Europe, observers warned that if Greece ultimately succeeds in squeezing more money out of its European creditors without making the necessary “austerity” concessions, their triumphant irresponsibility could go viral.

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Greek Island’s Immigration Office Struggles to Process Migrant Influx

The Greek island of Lesbos, typically a popular European vacation destination, has received such a prodigious influx of refugees attempting to enter Europe by crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey that immigration offices on the island are remaining open 24 hours a day to process them, and are still woefully behind on the procedure.

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CNN’s List of Treasured Places on ‘Verge of Extinction’ Omits ISIS-Controlled UNESCO Sites

In a post urging to “go see them now, before it’s too late,” Jacopo Prisco at CNN catalogued 25 ancient and endangered locales in the modern world. Missing from the list is Palmyra, Syria, which is currently under destruction by the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS) and other UNESCO Heritage Sites in the Middle East that remain in danger due to groups like ISIS.

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Nigerian Army Releases 182 ‘Cleared’ Boko Haram Suspects

As part of its National Army Day, Nigeria released 182 prisoners Monday–men, women, and children, all suspected of having ties to the radical jihadist group Boko Haram. Military officials confirmed that they were released in northeastern Borno State, birthplace of Boko Haram, and that they had been cleared of wrongdoing.

Buses pass by as family members attend a remembrance ceremony at the spot where 13 people were killed in the London bombings on July 7, 2015 in London, England.Today is the tenth anniversary of the 7/7 bombings, when four suicide bombers struck transport system in central London on Thursday 7 July 2005, killing 52 people and injuring more than 770 in simultaneous attacks.

Remembering Britain’s September 11th, Ten Years Later

The attacks of 9/11 are what made me a Conservative. I have never forgotten that there are evil people who follow totalitarian creeds and wish to do us harm. My grandfather, a World War II veteran, had told me about the need to defend freedom and the sacrifices it would entail. To see my country come under attack made my grandfather’s warning much more than an abstraction.

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Jindal: Obama ‘Clueless’ on Claim ISIS Can Be Defeated With ‘Ideas’

In a press release sent to Breitbart News, Jindal slammed Obama for failing to put forward a strategy to defeat ISIS and for his statement, “ideologies are not defeated with guns, they are defeated by better ideas. President Obama is the most clueless president of my lifetime,” Jindal said. “President Obama actually suggested you can talk about ‘ideas’ with terrorists who execute those who don’t agree with them.”

Formal Investiture Ceremony Held For Attorney General Loretta Lynch

Obama Goes Legacy-Hunting in Iran, Which Views Him as a Defeated Enemy

The Obama administration’s mad push for an Iranian nuclear deal has Iran throwing all sorts of last-minute spoilers onto the table, knowing that Obama will not, cannot, walk away. The President wants his historic diplomatic achievement, Secretary of State John Kerry is eyeing a Nobel Peace Prize, and there is no way the Obama team would hand its real adversaries–their domestic political opposition–a huge victory by scuttling the Iran deal.

San Fermin Running of the Bulls 2015 - Day 2

2 Americans, 1 Briton Gored in 1st Pamplona Bull Run

PAMPLONA, Spain (AP) — Two Americans and a Briton were gored and eight others injured Tuesday as thousands of daredevils dashed alongside fighting bulls through the streets of this northern Spanish city on the first bull run of the San


In the End, Germany, not Greece, Will Be the Loser

Germany is using its size and wealth to compel its Eurozone partners to take a hard line toward Greece, but in the end, Germany has much to lose by forcing the Aegean nation to choose between more austerity and dumping the euro.

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