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National Security

FLE - In this Sunday, March. 3, 2013 file photo, Kurdish female members, foreground and background, of the Popular Protection Units stand guard at a check point near the northeastern city of Qamishli, Syria. Syria’s Kurds have dramatically strengthened their hold on the far northeast reaches of the country, carving out territory as they drive out Islamic militant fighters allied to the rebellion and declaring their own civil administration in areas under their control this week amid the chaos of the civil war. The moves could be a first step toward creating an autonomous region similar to one Kurds run across the border as virtually a separate country within Iraq. But the Kurds’ drive has angered rebels fighting to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad. It even worries some Kurds, who suspect the main faction leading the fighting and the new administration is actually acting on behalf of Assad to undermine the rebellion.(AP Photo/Manu Brabo, File)

Kurds Fall Back in Northern Syria as Turkey Demanded

Turkey has been shelling the United States’s most effective allies in Syria, the Kurdish YPG, and demanding they withdraw east of the Euphrates or face even stronger actions — a threat backed up by Turkish tanks rolling across the Syrian border, to the consternation of Damascus.

Matthew V. Thompson (U.S. Army via Los Angeles Times)

Green Beret From Irvine Killed in Afghanistan

The Department of Defense has identified Staff Sgt. Matthew V. Thompson, a Green Beret, as the U.S. service member killed on Tuesday when an IED exploded near his patrol during a mission training Afghan forces.


Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy Legacy: A More Unstable, Less Free World

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has wrapped herself in the mantle of President Barack Obama’s foreign and national security policies, expecting it to facilitate her rise to the presidency. However, the current global mess and her record as U.S. Senator, as the nation’s top diplomat, and her conduct while in office cast serious doubt on whether she deserves election to the nation’s highest office.

AP Photo

Time to Curtail Iranian Aggression in the Persian Gulf

Soon after taking office, President Barack Obama promised he would work with Iran to negotiate a nuclear agreement that “will open the door to greater opportunity” not only for its people but for U.S.-Iranian relations. We were also told he would only negotiate a deal that prevented Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons.


Arab Social Media Fumes Over French Burkini Ban

JAFFA, Israel – Social media users across the Arab world are still expressing outrage over the conduct of French police officers who recently attempted to enforce a new law forbidding burkinis by forcing a Muslim woman to remove her garments on a beach in Nice in the French Riviera.