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Nigerian University Feeding 270,000 of 1.6 Million Boko Haram Refugees

The Islamist terror group Boko Haram has taken control of a territory in Nigeria the size of Ireland. It continues its efforts to expand within the west African nation and establish an Islamist Caliphate, now with the support of the Middle Eastern Islamic State (ISIS) terror group. While headlines are quick to mention the dead, it is Nigeria's internally displaced, now numbering upwards of one million, who continue to suffer as they flee the group.
AP Photo/Hassan Ammar

Another Copt Beheaded in Libya as Patriarch Meets Families of 21 Martyrs

The headless corpse of Mansour Saad Awad, an Egyptian Christian, has been found by Libyan security forces on the outskirts of the town of Mechili, in eastern Libya. The victim of the barbaric murder worked in a poultry farm in the area. No one has yet stepped forward to take credit for the slaying, but the m.o. matches the preferred execution style of the Islamic State (ISIS).
Pope Francis

Pope Francis: ‘The Elderly Are Not Aliens’

In his weekly “general audience” Wednesday, Pope Francis once again employed forceful language in addressing the issue of the elderly in society, saying that the quality of a civilization is shown by the way it treats its older members. Many modern societies make no room for the elderly, he said, and carry in themselves “the virus of death.”

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