Konni Burton: President Rolls Up Sleeves for Games Not Border

Konni Burton: President Rolls Up Sleeves for Games Not Border

FORT WORTH, Texas–President Obama came down to Texas this week. Lucky for us, he had his sleeves rolled up. Unlucky for us, he skipped the border and decided to raise money in Dallas and Austin. He stopped by a famous film director’s home Wednesday night before bringing Austin to a standstill Thursday to deliver a speech in which he blamed Republicans for all that ails the country.

Let’s face the facts. The President can roll his sleeves up as much as he wants, but he seems completely incapable of leading the country. Beyond threatening executive action and then blaming others when nothing gets done, the President has largely devolved into a guy with an expensive airplane and some golf clubs. I want more than that from an American President, and I know all Texans do too.

The situation on our southern border isn’t just one of immigration; it’s one of humanitarian crisis and breach of national security. Seemingly, every day, the news will contain another horror story of a child dying or evidence of women and children being sold into sex trade. In addition, illegal drugs flow freely from Central and South America, benefitting the obscenely violent and despotic drug cartels across the region. Worst of all, there is growing evidence that thousands have crossed the border coming from nations outside the Western Hemisphere. In a day and age where extremists from across the globe intend to murder Americans wherever they can be found, it’s sheer lunacy to have no idea who is crossing our border.

Mr. President, Texas is a state of doers, not talkers. Enough of the act, enough of the Hollywood fueled fundraisers, enough of the workingman’s shtick–your country needs you to lead. I’ll put it into terms a consummate fundraiser and politician can understand: November is coming, and as of right now, this election is entirely about your failed leadership.