Pat Buchanan: 'We Are Balkanizing'

Pat Buchanan: 'We Are Balkanizing'

Columnist and author Pat Buchanan argued that the United States must stop the influx of immigrants into the country until it can assimilate the country’s current immigrant population. 

On Wednesday’s “Laura Ingraham Show,” he said, “We are Balkanizing, not only by race and ethnicity and culture and language and everything else.” And “we are ceasing to be one country and one people.”

“Look what’s happening all over the world…everything is coming apart, and I don’t want my country to come apart … I think it would be a good thing again if 97 percent of us spoke English as we did in 1960,” he added.

Buchanan also predicted that President Barack Obama will “hesitate and pause” on executive amnesty because he believes it will be a “political loser” that could endanger Democrats in red states and cause backlash from the voting public.

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