Report: Khorasan Is Core Al Qaeda

Report: Khorasan Is Core Al Qaeda

Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reported that the Khorasan terrorist group in Syria is really core Al Qaeda on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Sean Hannity Show.” She added that the group’s existence coupled with the administration’s knowledge of them back in 2012 shows that repeated claims that core al Qaeda had been decimated were incorrect.

“This Khorasan group, which the intelligence community has known about for two years…is not affiliated, aligned, a splinter group of al Qaeda, this is the al Qaeda core, this is Bin Laden’s inner circle,” she stated.

She also addressed claims that core al Qaeda had been decimated, saying, “This description that we still have from the administration that al Qaeda core in Pakistan is decimated, what they should really say is that al Qaeda core in Pakistan has packed its bags and moved to Syria.” And “core al Qaeda has not been diminished, and there must have been a failure to understand or a denial of the facts within the White House if this group was known to them for two years and the membership was known.  You cannot have this information and continually say ‘the leadership is decimated’ when they’ve simply packed up and moved to another location.”

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